Infor Visual Slow?

Is your Infor Visual running slow day by day? There might be number of reasons why Infor Visual is running slow as compared to when you initially installed it. I have listed a few reason below and ways to fix it based on my experience with Visual. Audit Maintenance: “Audit Maintenance” under Admin section may … Read more

Creating a backend NodeJS API

What if I said that you can create a back-end API endpoint to run some custom SQL query to get data and work upon. Plus this pulled data will have a response time in milli-seconds. This received data can then be manipulated in the software of your choice. Some examples are: Excel PowerBi Front end … Read more

Custom ShopFloor Website


Sometimes ShopFloor does not offer the flexibility that your business needs. So I created a custom shopfloor front end that utilizes the same Infor backend but presents the data in a more user friendly way. The main challenge my business was facing was the issue of materials to a Work order when a labor ticket … Read more