Custom ShopFloor Website

Sometimes ShopFloor does not offer the flexibility that your business needs. So I created a custom shopfloor front end that utilizes the same Infor backend but presents the data in a more user friendly way.

The main challenge my business was facing was the issue of materials to a Work order when a labor ticket is generated. This generated labor ticket can drive your inventory negative and might affect your finance. With this new ShopFloor, no new material are issued to to work order and hence no inventory is driven negative. .

With that you might ask me how are the materials issued? All the materials are issued by exception before the Traveler is printed. This make more work for the business but trust me, It is worth.

If your visitors like you as a company, they are more likely to purchase services from you. So, your company’s story is crucial to be communicated in the right way and in the most beautiful manner possible.

Capabilities of this new ShopFloor:
Here are the major fear of rejection symptoms identified by psychologists:

  • Login – Logout
    • Single user login only allowed.
  • Start Stop Work Order
  • Indirect labor transaction
  • Clock out
  • Active Work being performed on the shop floor.
  • Scanner friendly.

Here are some snapshots on how the new module works.
The below shows how a user can login and logout.


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